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SANYTRONIK is the SANITIZER suitable for all types of toilets (toilet bowl – squat toilet – urinal). It is a highly performing product with plenty of programming possibilities

With SANYTRONIK ITALSAN continues on its way of technological innovation and of Italian design.

SANYTRONIK with its REFILL (see enclosed information data), can sanitize toilets 24 hours a day or only by day or by night, from 2 up to 16 weeks (see TIMING for disinfectant release)

The SANYTRONIK REFILL is composed by a specific disinfectant with 3 functions: DISINFECTANT - DETERGENT - DEODORANT. MEDICAL SURGICAL registered by the Ministry of Health.

In the package are included 24 refill

Please contact us at info@makoswater.com to order this device.

The price in the web-shop is for 1 pcs and 24 refill!

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