Who we are

“Freedom alone is not enough without light to read at night, without time or access to water to irrigate your farm, without the ability to catch fish to feed your family.”

                                                                                                          Nelson Mandela

More than 1 billion people lack access to improved sources of drinking-water, and all of them suffer the consequences – health problems, economic and social difficulties and inequities. Certain groups are affected in a specific and dramatic way.

We all need clean water.

The water needs to be cleaned, pumped, dispensed, filtered or treated in any other way.

Makoswater was founded in 2011 and is a rapidly growing water treatment specialist company which will help the customer in all his needs. Our goal was never to just sell the “goods” but to help the people to have access to clean and purified water.

We provide environmentally friendly and reliable technical solutions and services using the last technologies.